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Jacqueline Swann

My name is Jacqueline Swann. The things I like to do are visiting my grandma, reading, math, and collecting beanie babies. Janet Jackson is one of my favorite singers. My favorite colors are blue, hot pink, and orange. My favorite song of the group is 'I'll See You Again'. I enjoy spending time with friends and our baby sister, Jazzrielle, whose name was inspirational for the title of our debut CD.

Washington, DC Monument Grounds

On Stage

Me and my sax by the lake

Me and my sax by the lake

Kaleigh (actress from ZOOM), Jazz and myself backstage

Kaleigh from Zoom


During Jazz Appreciation Month, April 2023, The Swanns released their 25th anniversary album - (Breakthrough - The Album). The Swanns music is available on many streaming and download platforms all over the world; the UK, Japan, France, Sweden, Germany, Africa, Australia, New Zealand and many others.