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The Swanns' Crest


The band with the cool smooth sound. Over the years we have graced many stages. Take a look around and learn all about The amazing Swanns.

Breaking News!

The Swanns are in the studio recording their 25th Anniversary album and their first album since 2007. Stay tuned.

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Wild Berry

The amazing instrumental group The Swanns, featuring song writer, producer Harvey Swann, Sr. Harvey Swann, Sr. grew up playing and writing music throughout most of his childhood. As an adult, he launched a professional musical career. He likes to compose music with rich chords and moving riffs. Over the years, he taught his eight children to play music as well. On many occasions, some of them have accompanied him on many of his performances. They are billed as The Swanns. Whether performing on stage or providing music at private, black-tie events, their smooth sounds have complemented many events. . . . this group ROCKS!!! Experience them in concert. A treat for the entire family!!!

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